His Excellency Gilmar Matias de Sousa





Military Police of the State of Goias - 1985
intelligence service of the former agent of the Military Police of the State of Goiás;
Former agent Extinct National Intelligence Service, 1986 -2000;
Former member of the Special Operations Team PMGO;
Military booking by the Military Police of the State of Goias, Brazil;
Degree in Theology (FAIFITEB) -1994;
Bachelor of Theology (FETEG) -1996;
Former holder of the Chair of Theology Theological Seminary Life and Hope - Argentina - 1997 - 2000;
Former holder of Theology Chair of the Theological Institute of the Assemblies of God -2000-2012;
Pastor enshrined in the Convention of Ministers of the Assemblies of God in Brazil since 1996;
Post Graduate in Management Education (University Salgado de Oliveira) - 2002;
Doctorate in Theology (Antioch Christian University) - 2004;
Doctorate in Education (Antioch Christian University) - 2009;
Post Graduate in Psychology and Clinical Institutional (Fac Delta.) - 2009;
Post Graduate in Religious Studies (School HOKEMAH.) - 2010;
Master of Education Sciences from the Universidad del Salvador - Buenos Aires - Air - 2010;
Doctorate in Education from the University Leonardo da Vinci - 2014;
Post Graduate in University Teaching (Fac AD1.) - 2012;
degree in Pedagogy - Degree (Fac AD1.) - 2012;
Director of the Theological Institute of Campinas, Goiás: July 1999 to January 2011;
Founder and director of the Theology Course distance of IBCAMP-Go;
President of the Cultural Institute Brazilian: from September 2010;
Academic Director of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Open University - since June 2013;
Coordinator of Masters and Doctorate in International Evangelical University of Educational Sciences Del Paraguay - Asunción UEP-ISCB, Paraguay: since January 2010 (MERCOSUR Project);
Awarded the Medal Machado de Assis by the Academy Brasiliense Machado de Assis Letters;
Member of the Academy of Letters Machado de Assis;
Member of the Brazilian Federation of Academic of Sciences, Letters and Arts;
Chancellor International Federation of Academic of Sciences letters and arts in Brazil,
writer and university lecturer;
President of the "Consejo University in El Mercosur";
Awarded the Medal "People's Hero Cossack" by the International Academy of Cossack;
Awarded the Commendation "Machado de Assis" - 2010;
Awarded the Medal "Ukrainian People's Friend" - 2013;
Awarded the Medal "Gran Cruz Cossack" - 2013;
Awarded the Commendation of "World Order Knights of Peace" - 2007;
Awarded the medal "Anita Garibaldi" - 2014
General Colonel Cossack;
President of the International Academy of the Cossacks in Brazil;
Author of the following books:
. Do not cry, I love you !;
. Five pieces of advice for young people;
. Arabian Curiosities of the Bible;
. The Pentateuch
. Christian Education;
. Major Prophets and the Minor Prophets;
. The Praxis of Christian Theology;
. The Passover lamb;
. John the Baptist's syndrome;
. The Myth of the Cave and the Theology of Success;
. Co-Editor of Personal Evangelism Bible - JUERP - Publisher Karis;
. The transformative education in Post Modernity;
. Education and Change X Education and accommodation;
. Author of several articles in the areas of theology and Educational Sciences;



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