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The American Association of UN Peacekeeping Forces International was founded in United States on September 21, 2013, at the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations. The aim of the Association is to facilitate communication and exchange of information between peacekeeping and other related training centres and/or among people responsible for, and interested in, peacekeeping training. Peacekeeping Trainers and Educators use this information to avoid problems already encountered by others, promote well-tested practices, and provide information or offer services to those countries that do not have training centres. It is hoped that this exchange of information will allow centres to minimize duplication in their efforts, and lead to further specialization and sharing of responsibilities.

Membership in the UNIP is open to individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in peacekeeping research, education and training. Those participating in the annual conference shall be considered the current membership for the UNIP.

Participation in an UNIP annual conference is intended to include management or staff from organizations with a responsibility for the education and training of individuals or groups preparing for peace, crisis response or humanitarian operations - military, police, civilian, joint or academic; or are engaged in research activity related to such education and training; or, hold positions of responsibility for such education, training and research in government, international and regional organisations, UN Agencies, or in NGOs with a demonstrated interest in peacekeeping training."

During the meeting of the AUNIP executive committee in November 2013, the group considered the issue of AUNIP membership. Attendance at the eleven Annual Conferences to date (2013 - 2015) has varied significantly, mainly due to the theme of each conference. The 2013 conference, for example, focused on Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) training and therefore attracted, in addition to personnel from several training centres dealing with this issue, many CIMIC experts from various organizations and military headquarters around the world. In addition to a changing annual attendance, many past participants have been individuals representing governments or institutions, with little or no interest in membership but rather in discussing the subject of the moment.

The Executive Committee, as a result of discussions in 2013, proposed to the 2013 Annual General Meeting that the secretariat continue to maintain a data base of attendance over the years; that all peace operations education and training institutions are automatically considered members of the UNIP, and that there be no formal AUNIP membership; i.e. no established list of organizations and individuals. Those who participate in the annual meeting will be considered to comprise the current AUNIP membership and will therefore be able to participate in the members’ session at the annual meeting to consider AUNIP management and development issues.