His Excellency Agent Dr. Sebastian Sarbu





Agent for Bucarest - Romania.
Functions or positions - vicepresident of the National Academy Security and Defense Planning;
1998-2015 Membership held in fundamental scientific
research with The Interdisciplinary Research Group at the Romanian Academy (Within the CRIFST);
- World contributor at The Daily Journalist and
at the Strategic Diplomatic Relations; Member of Close Protection Society EU Group;
- Accredited representative in Romania of the
Society "Souvenir FRANCO-Araucania '';
- Communication Agent Mass Communication
International Power Agency (2006-2013).
- Communication Campaign,, In memoriam dr.
Martin Luther King '' (January 2007) with Mass
Communication Power International Agency;
Knight of the Holy Seat in Constantinople "
- Vicepresident & Scientific Director of the
Research Center in Security Studies at the
National Academy of Security and Defense
- Publicist at the Geopolitics Magazine;
Columnist at the Naamah Revue of the
Romanian Academy;
- Publicist at the Military Science Magazine of
the Academy of Romanian Scientists (in
- Membership and publicist with the
Transatlantic Press Club;
- Organizer of the,, Mihai Drăgănescu "
seminary initiated by the Romanian Academy;
- CNR - UNESCO Expert (since 2007);
- Mediasind journalist, owner of professional
international journalist pass, affiliated to the
International Journalist Federation;
- Lecturer and CNR-UNESCO consultant in the
management and the economics of knowledge, the science - religion dialogue;
- Member of the Knowledge Society Forum at
the Romanian Academy (2010);
- Editor's General Secretary at the Tempus
Dacoromânia Comterra Magazine and
scientific counsel with the editorial board of
the Daco-Romanian Language Encyclopedia;
- Membership with fundamental scientific
research at the Romanian Society of Historical
Sciences (2013);
- EU-COR 24240 - accredited Opinion Maker
- Expert in Prevention and Fighting Corruption.
Initiator of the CNR- UNESCO expert in
scientific - religious topics, of the Public
Conference Through science and religion
toward peace and humanitarianism "held at
the "Gaudeamus" Book Fair, Contacts Stock
Exchange and organized by CNR-UNESCO
Jointly with the Bilateral Commerce Chamber
Romania-Russia on November 24, 2012.

Fields of the - research, security, culture, cool, journalism
Qualifications: activity, the knowledge economics, geopolitics,
military science, anticorruption expertise,
research, security culture, cool, journalism
activity, knowledge economics, geopolitics,
military science anticorruption expertise.

Other qualifications - Membership with the Knowledge Society
and Activities: Forum at the Romanian Academy (2010);
- Full membership rights with the Colonel
Association,, Ascol "- the Federation Military
of Romania;
- Member of Romanian Society of European
- Collaborator on the specific position of CNR-
UNESCO expert (2007-2012); being included
in the science vs. religion program, respectivamente
the economics of knowledge;
- Communication Agent Mass Communication
Power Agency (2006-2013);
- Scientific researcher affiliated to the
Investigation Group for Scouting the Intellectual
Capital, the Department of Management and
the Economics of Knowledge (2007- 2009);
- Founder of the International Ecumenical Center
- Member of the Romanian Ecologist Club (May
5, 2011);
- Computer Operator at the Military Printing
House of the Headquarters, Bucharest,
1October 2000 - January 1, 2002;
- Member of the National College of Defense
Foundation (Nov.1998 - July 1999);
- Prime - vice president at country-level of the
"National and Democratic Association of
Fighting the Corruption "since November (2000-
- Member in the Democratic League for Justice
- Operator calculator at the the "META" Cultural
Foundation (1998-2000).

Other - Certificates of Attending the CNR-UNESCO
professional (2007-2009);
affiliation, - Member of the Romanian legal Union (2008);
titles and awards - Member of the Romanian Society of
Philological Sciences (2012);
- Associated Researcher with the Romanian
Historical Society of Sciences (2013);
- Member of the Business Information and
Consultancy Center "Euroconsult" -
Transylvania Zone (2006);
- Member of the Romanian Ecologist Club
- Knight of the Holy Seat in Constantinople "
- O.N.G. Management award (2007).
- Title of Prior in tempore of the Dacoromanian
Academy Awarded for Contributions to the
Development of the Theory of the Historical
Daco-Romania -2010.

Main & responsabilitis - Visiting lecturer at various cultural
- Documenting studies, researches, strategies
Attending and various events;
- Initiator of the CNR- UNESCO expert on science
- Religion issues, of the public conference,
Through science and religion toward peace and
humanitarianism "held at the" Gaudeamus "
Book Fair, Contacts Stock Exchange and
organized by UNESCO-CNR Jointly with the
Bilateral Commerce Chamber Romania -
Russia on November 24, 2012;
- Organizational Activities with the National and
Democratic Association of Fighting Corruption;
- Cool Initiatives the representative of the civil
society (on the social side);
- Organizer of the "Drăgănescu" colloquia at the
Romanian Academy - 2014;
- Media Communicator (2007-2012);
- Included in the CNR-UNESCO program,, The
science-religion dialogue. "

Scientific - The Dimitrie Cantemir,, "Christian University
communiques (2005-2006);
- CNR-UNESCO, Certificate of attendance (2007-
- The Dimitrie Cantemir,, "Christian University":
The Proceedings of the XVth scientific Session
,, Challenges of Romania joining the EU,
Economics - Education - Research -
Legislation "(2005, 2006).
- The titles of papers: ,, The European Integration
- The Multidimensional Process "(2005), The,,
European Romania "(2006).
- Other papers: The Group of Interdisciplinary
Research, the Knowledge Society Forum
Romanian Academy; the Investigation Group
Scouting is the Intellectual Capital, CNR-
UNESCO, The Romanian Byzantine School of
Orthodoxy, The Romanian Society of
Historical Sciences, the Calderon Club, the
Daco-Romanian Academy, The,, Titu
Maiorescu University ''.

The average activity - Information Communication and Media
campaigns on cultural, political and educational
topics, civil society MCP Press Agency (2006-
2009); editorialist Social Media, The
Geopolitics Magazine, the Chronicler of the
Foundations, Unsolved Puzzles, Your own
attorney, the Romanian Academy's magazines.

Landmarks and - Published work: ,, Corruption - the Flaw of the
scientific papers Modern Society ". The Victor Publishers 2005
the second edition, the Edith Advertising
Publishers 2006. Details: a didactic book
launched in the scholar circuit - the "Alexandru
Ioan Cuza "Police Academy, the masters
curricular programs, the National Agency for
Integrity, the curricular doctoral programs, the
,, Lower Danube "University, Galaţi, the
Western University in Timişoara; the
Romanian Academy Library. Co-author of the
Daco-Romanian Language Encyclopedia.
-,, The mediation institution in the cool of circuit
the intellectual capital "; ,, The Noocratic
Doctrine "; ,, The quantification of the criteria
and activities of the Intellectual Capital Stock
-,, The non-linear in the evaluation
organizational structures of the leadership "-
elements of decision -taking theory,
administrativeright, organizational and cool
sociology management on cool culture topics
(2006-2007) Introduced at the Manecognitiva
Congress CNR-UNESCO held in partnership
with "the Groupe Research for the Scouting
Intellectual Capital "(2007- 2008);

Post-university - Accredited course in opinion making EU-COR
Courses 242401;

Education and - Higher Education

Name and type of - The Faculty of Legal Sciences at the
the higher education International Romanian - American Academy
Institute / Educational City Bucharest (2008);
entity - The "Traian" High School, Bucharest City

Qualification / license - Diploma Awarded license at the Faculty of
Awarded the Legal Sciences at the Romanian International
- American Academy Bucharest City.

Main disciplines of - Anti corruption expertise, in the field: criminal
study / professional sciences; Legal sociology; social defense
competences institution and cool dynamics. Studies
acquired published and public communications.

Special awards - Dedicated entry in the "WHO'S WHO" The
Romanian Encyclopedia of the Prominent

Special - "The St. Justin Order" for the book,, Out of the
distinctions mysteries of the Universe ", The Semne
Publishers (2010), The MCP PRESS
International Agency's Richard Wagner Award
for promotion of values (2007).

Published papers - More than 100 articles and editorials on
social and humane issues, published in the
Following journals and magazines: "We",,, Your own attorney ",,, The Chronicler of the Foundations" "Unsolved Puzzles", "The Geopolitics Magazine", "The European Way", "The
Meritocracy ",,, The Transatlantic Press Club"
"The Liberty" ,, The Military Science Magazine ".

Published books -,, Knowledge and Creation ", The Tempus
Publishers (2004),,, Corruption - the flaw of the
modern society "- The Victor Publishers, 2005
Second Edition, 2006 at the Edith Advertising
Publishers (selected for the scholar and
academic circuit), "The Book of the Nation" -
The Mihai Eminescu International Foundation
(2008); ,, Out of the mysteries of the Universe "-
The "Semne" Publishers, (2010); "The
Felonies Corruption "- The Niculescu Publishers

intellectual formation, scouting group for the intellectual capital, the
prizes and diplomas Management and Economics of the
Knowledge Department (2007- 2009);
- The special prize for the paper "General
Sociology- legal Sociology, "valorized at the
"BIOTERRA" University in Bucharest City,
courtesy Univ.Lect. Dr. Ion Vlăduţ, in 1999;
- Private courses in organizational management, geo-economics and strategies, socio economic anthropology, most of Them Attended theUniversity of Bucharest City and the National College of Defense Foundation;
- Training in social sciences - 3 years theoretic
- Graduated at the courses of the Physical and
Mental Health Institute - Oradea (1999);
- The General Emil,, Mihuleac "Diploma
Awarded for Management (2005);
- Awarded Diploma for graduation, the courses
of integration of Romania in the European and
Euratlantic structures, organized by the
European Education and Communication
Office (2005);
- The Performance,, Star "diploma Awarded for
excellence in psychology (Foundation for Hope
- The,, Mircea Eliade Prize "Awarded for
science, religion, philosophy;
- Certificate Awarded for philosophy at "The
PRO College "the vocational education
institution, "fair" grade;
- Diploma Awarded by The Romanian Society of
Historical Sciences for scientific diligent
- Computer operator course (2004);
- Diplomas merit is the acknowledgment of the
scientific activity Awarded by The Romanian
Society of Historical Sciences.
-Expert intelligence, Researcher, Writer,
Publicist, Computer Operator, Data Entry
Range of interests - journalism, social reasearch, culturally
scientific, cool, economics of knowledge,
geopolitics, military science.
Other topics interest - writer, journalist, cool expert, anti-
corruption expert, educator, freelance
scientific researcher, military analyst,
author of accredited didactic and scientific


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