H. E. Alexandre Aparecido Dos Santos. Honorary Consul. - Studying Bachelor of Law (Faculty Curitibana)- Degree in Nursing Faculty CBES- Studying Management in Public Safety (Braz Cubas University)- Training in Nursing Technical COREN PR-660 796- Degree in Nursing Assistant COREN PR-660 796- TACTICAL Instructor EMERGENCY MEDICINE- Emergency Medical Technician ID # 723/09 Rio de Janeiro.- Graduated in pre-hospital care (first aid for the technical school UFPR).- Instructor American Sefaty & Health Institute ID # 54694- Instructor Devolopment Couse ASHI- Instructor Lifesaving ASHIPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:- Chief Operating CTAPBRASIL Training Dynamic Advanced.- Director of Operations and Emergency Medical Instructor Training Center Portal Das Aguas, with CLT Paid registration, Sao Jose dos Pinhais.- Instructor 17 Battalion of the Military Police (ROTAM 1 Commander Lieutenant Adriano Lucio) Sao Jose dos Pinhais PR.- Instructor 12 Battalion of the Military Police (ROTAM commander Lieutenant LIMA) Curitiba PR.- Instructor 5 CIA Police of the Army PE Brazilian Army, Commander Major Edmar Lamb.- TDA3 Instructor Training Dynamic Advanced Vitoria Holy Spirit- Graduated in Martial Arts, Paranaense Federation Traditional Karate- Graduated in Martial Arts HAPKIDO Brazilian Institute Of Hapkido And Kyuk Too Ki Korean Martial Arts.- Training for black belt 1st Dan Hapkido- Instructor of the Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) Contact CAP LIMACOURSES / STAGES- Participation in the XI Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine. (cardiovascular emergencies).- Training assets Tactics (SWAT) Immobilization Police Tactics.- Extension rescuer in the Universal Emergency Group (Recife PE).- Instructor Training For Geracon (Curitiba PR).- International rescuer Training For training Preven Rio de Janeiro (RJ) international certification.- Rescue Course 40h by the rescue and recovery of Porto Alegre (RS).- Refresher Course and Technical Improvement in Nursing from the CAAT Curitiba (PR).- Volunteer of the Red Cross branch Paraná.- Rescue Instructor and Rescue CTAPBRASIL.- Stroke American Heart Association (Heart Saver CPR and AED).- Brazilian College of Nursing Member and Emergency (Coobem) Sao Paulo.- Member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) Rio de Janeiro.- Member of the Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine.- Emergency Course Instructor Tactics SWAT.- Stroke Prehospital Emergency at the Federal University of Parana.- ITLS Course Serve the river Rio de Janeiro.- Instructor of the Brazilian Red Cross branch Paraná.- Training and Aikido KARATE 15 years Paranaense federation traditional karate SHOTOKAN.- Member of the Paranaense Society of Emergency Medicine.- Pre-hospital Emergency Instructor.- Technical Nursing SOS SOUTH RESCUE.- Instructor Lifesaving.- Guest Instructor of Higher Civil Police School.- Instructor of 5 CIA Police of the Army.- Training Instructor AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH.- Water Rescue Course.- Rescue Instructor in Remote Areas.- Technical Emergency Medical ID # 723/09.- Course Rescue and Urban Conflict (Argentina).- Advanced Course Management in Trauma SP.- Pre-service course hospitlar tactical RJ.- Course Customer Service Operator Wounded in the Occurrence Scene FIRST RESPONSE.- Search and Rescue, Emergency Rescue and Trauma 50h, Curitiba PR.- Rescue and Advanced Rescue Combat Trauma 50h, Curitiba PR.- Electrocardiography Course and course Cardiac Arrhythmia 18h, Clinicas Hospital of Curitiba Pr.- Theoretical Course - Maneuver criticize Practices in Emergency 10h, the Trauma Academy League (LIAT) UFPR - HT.- HEART SAVER DEA, 8h (Basic Life Support) Curitiba PR.- Member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology With registration N 15699, Rio de Janeiro.- Adaptation and Survival Course in Saves 40h, ICEU (Santa Catarina SC).- Technical Course in Medical Emergencies 600h ID # 723/09 (Rio de Janeiro)- Prehospital Trauma Life Support PHTLS, Curitiba PRCOURSES IN POLICE AREA- Course by the National Academy of Criminal Investigators 120 h (Training Detectives) Curitiba Pr.- Extension Course in Private Investigations 50h (Campo Grande MS).- CATI Center for Advanced Immobilization techniques Curse of SWAT Tactical Immbization 30h (Curitiba PR).- Course SWAT Gun Through Stress 50h (Special Operations) Curitiba Pr.- Course Actions Special Tactics 41h For the Training Center and Improvement Arms Tactical, The Defense Ministry Brazilian Army CR: 48248 (Rio de Janeiro).- Tactical Operations Course Fight With Knife, 40h At Cetta Advanced Tactical Training Expertise Center (Curitiba PR).- Defense Combat System Course 40h At Cetta Advanced Tactical Training Expertise Center (Curitiba PR).- RFB Course N 568, powered Tactical Patrol Directed by CETA C Training Police USTRMC 50H.- Adaptation Course 80h At Special Operations Training Center of Arms Tactical Enhancement, Ministry of Defence Brazilian Army CR: 48248.- Tactics Progression Course in High-Risk Areas TODA3 Training Dynamic Advanced Curitiba PR.- Progression Course in Favela CATIRIO (BOPE RJ).