H. E. USA Army Brigadier General John F. Stampfli. John F. Stampfli is the Principal at Stampfli and Associates, LLC, which specializes in International Security Management consulting services. His background includes management positions with Ernst & Young, LLP and KPMG, LLP, where he was a subject matter expert on global risk and security. John was also the Manager of Logistics at Unisys Corporation where he had direct responsibility for global logistics operations and international regulatory compliance. John has over 30 years of military, private and public sector experience. He is considered an expert in risk and security management, intelligence operations, and human behavior and has consulted several of the world's leading entities in these areas. John also serves in the United States Army Reserve at the rank of Brigadier General where he is an all source intelligence officer and advisor on foreign intelligence operations.John has written on security and intelligence issues which have appeared in several major publications. John received a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from the University of America Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital of the University of the Gambia while serving as an advisor on Counterterror and Bioterror to the government of the Gambia. John also earned a BA in History from California State University Fullerton. In addition, is a graduate of the United States Air Force Air War College, and United States Marine Corps Command & Staff College.