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The overall mission of the CIIC is to provide to the UNODC, MOSSAD, THE MEIR AMIT INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER of ISRAEL, and Governments, the proper and required reports, analyzes, studies and proposals for the prevention and suppression of threats or aggression against the independence or integrity of countries anywhere in the world and its institutions.

This mission is extended to any area related to crime. Additionally the Centre can be used as a discrete mediator in communications between states, by supporting the usual diplomatic channels, in order to strengthen diplomacy with additional information, which can bring success to diplomatic negotiations.

The CIIC is a Division of Intelligence, belonging to ADMIR, formed by professionals of various areas, such as Criminal Intelligence, Criminalistics, Criminology and other specialized branches.

The goal that drives us is the involvement in the construction of a better and safer world.

We wish to contribute to the fight against terrorism and organized crime in a widespread scenario, such as the international.